The Benefits of Trading FX Through a Self-Directed Traditional IRA or Roth IRA

The Benefits of Trading FX Through a Self-Directed Traditional IRA or Roth IRA

In a recent article, we discussed how Americans can use their retirement accounts, such as Traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs, to trade in the FX market.

But are there benefits of trading FX through your IRA that you can’t get in any other way? Absolutely!

These benefits depend on your unique circumstances, but may include the following:

  1. Ability to control and direct the investment of your retirement funds
  2. Minimize fees you are paying to investment advisors
  3. Utilize your funds specifically set aside for investment
  4. Pay no additional taxes on your trading gains

Control Your Destiny With Your IRA

Your retirement funds are probably managed by your employer or third party investment managers like an investment bank or brokerage firm. And while your investment advisor should invest your funds in suitable financial products, there is often a lack of a personal relationship or in-depth understanding between you and your advisor, which may lead to the creation of a portfolio that does not specifically address your investment needs or wants.

With a self-directed Traditional IRA or Roth IRA, you do not have to rely on an investment manager to make investment decisions for you. If you have the confidence and knowledge to create your own portfolio, you can make sure your FX investments align with your specific trading goals.

Reduce Your Costs With Your IRA

When an investment advisor manages your retirement account, you pay him for his services in the form of a percentage of assets under management, a fixed sum, and/or brokerage commissions.  Depending on the size of your retirement account, these fees can add up to a lot of money.

With a self-directed Traditional IRA or Roth IRA, however, your fees are typically limited to a reasonable annual fee and other incidental, fixed fees, leaving you with more of your own retirement funds to invest as you choose.

Access Money You’ve Earmarked for Investing In Forex

Many people contribute annually to their traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs as a means of saving money for retirement and future investments.

With a self-directed retirement account, you can access your tax-deferred retirement money and trade FX with it while leaving your regular income to pay for usual household and family expenses.

Minimize Your Taxes Using Your IRA

One of the best things about trading FX in a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA is that your trading gains do not carry any additional tax burden.

Retirement accounts are already tax-efficient vehicles, where the taxes have previously been paid (in the case of a Roth IRA) or will only be paid at some future point in time when withdrawn (in the case of a Traditional IRA).

In either case, you have the potential to compound your Forex trading gains over a long period of time without having to pay yearly taxes.

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